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Technology should be an asset to life, not a hinderance. Unfortunately, the more complex something is, the more problems it is prone to having. Oftentimes when you have a computer problem, unless you are an expert yourself, you find yourself having to seek outside help. That outside help, however, can charge you a small fortune to fix even minor problems. Not here. We want to help, and we will work with you to get your computer or other devices working at a price that you can afford.

We offer repairs of all kinds for both PC and Mac, although we do specialize in PC. We can remove any virus, and we will show you the best free ways to keep them clean, we can tune up your system, often increasing the speed greatly. We can also teach you how to use your system or software properly. We can restore your system or upgrade it. There is very little we can not do, and we offer quality work at an affordable price, and we stand by what we do. We aim to get you your machine as quick as possible. We can also come to you.

We can recover and back up your data for you, and at a much more affordable cost than you will find elsewhere. We are not here to sell you anything you don't need, and we can point you in the right direction to find the best hardware and software for your needs.

We also often have very cheap used computers, or can build to your specifications.

We can also build and maintain webpages for you, as well as showing you the best options for hosting packages.

And feel free to e-mail us with questions...



We can do all sorts of video and audio conversions. We can convert your old records and tapes to CD or MP3, and clean them up so they sound better than the original. We can convert VHS video to DVD, and 8mm / Super 8mm to DVD, again with improvements to the original. As well as slides to digital format. And all this, again, very affordable. We can convert almost anything, so ask us if it's not listed.

Beyond that, we also offer Graphic Design and Photography Serviced. Right now these are more limited, but ask and see if we can fulfill your needs.

We can also offer Video work, and DVD authoring. When we do conversions, we can also edit for you.